Ecommerce Website Design

We create highly usable e-commerce solutions with a focus on profitability. For your customers this means intuitive navigation and a hassle-free online shopping experience; for your business this means increased ROI, and a store that is optimized for conversions every step of the way.

Designing An Effective Ecommerce Website

Clear Goals

Every page on your site should work towards a specific goal in your sales funnel. Your homepage should entice clickthroughs to categories or products, your product pages should clear away any lingering doubts and entice users to purchase, your shopping cart page should simplify the checkout process.


Every key action on your site should be highlighted with a strong Call-To-Action – this includes everything from “See Product Details” to “Add to Cart”. CTA’s need to be clear in language and also in design, highlighted with elements including copy, layout, style, colour, and placement on the page.

Brand Recognition

Build brand recognition through the consistent use of page layout, colour scheme, and style elements. Consistent branding increases trust among your visitors, which means less drop-offs, better engagement with your customers, and most importantly, higher conversion rates and ROI.

Easy Checkout

Your website needs a checkout process that is effortless for your users. Keep it simple and easy, with intuitive usability, clear breakdown of costs, and minimal steps and information required. Simplified checkout means far less drop-offs, higher conversion rates, and more repeat customers.

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Our Favorite E-Commerce Platforms


WooCommerce is a great Ecommerce CMS choice for smaller stores. It’s an intuitive system that is easy to setup and manage, and it’s open-source so it’s totally free.

WooCommerce runs inside WordPress, which means you get all the benefits of a WP site, like blog functionality and easy website management out-of-the-box. WooCommerce is the best Ecommerce CMS for smaller stores with less than 100 individual products and less than 10 product categories.


Magento is an industry-standard Ecommerce CMS for medium and large online stores. It offers an extensive feature set that is highly customizable, and it includes a product management suite that is both easy-to-use and incredibly powerful.

Additionally, Magento is an open-source solution, which means there are no license fees. Magento is our recommended Ecommerce CMS for larger stores, as it can support any number of products and product categories.


NopCommerce is our favorite CMS platform for complex Ecommerce projects. It can support stores of any size, and includes all the industry-standard management tools. It’s also open-source, so no licensing fees.

What sets nopCommerce apart is the ability to integrate advanced custom functionality. NopCommerce is our recommended CMS for any advanced Ecommerce project that requires custom module or application development.

If you have a project or existing website that needs to be developed in a specific Ecommerce platform we will work within your requirements.
We are happy to work with Shopify, PrestaShop, or any other Ecommerce platform of your choice.

All Our Websites Are

We build professional websites for modern businesses, which means there are things we include in every site, no matter what.

  • Custom designed We develop custom websites. This lets us address the specific needs and objectives of each business individually, and craft the perfect solution.

  • Mobile friendly Every site we build is fully mobile optimized, ensuring your visitors a cutting-edge user experience on all smartphone, tablet & desktop devices.

  • Search engine optimized From content structure to coding, we ensure all aspects of project development are optimized for maximum search engine visibility.

  • Marketing ready We build websites that are ready for marketing initiatives – for everything from AdWords Marketing to Social Media Marketing to Print Campaigns.

Popular Ecommerce Website Design Packages

Every site we build is a custom project fitted to your particular needs, so our prices vary for each one.
Here are some popular configurations to start from.


from $3850

  • Up to 10 Product Categories

  • Up to 100 Products

  • Custom Design

  • WordPress CMS + WooCommerce

  • Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Marketing Ready

  • 6 Months Maintenance Included

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most popular choice


from $5850

  • Unlimited Product Categories

  • Unlimited Products

  • Custom Design

  • Magento Ecommerce Platform

  • Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Marketing Ready

  • 6 Months Maintenance Included

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Custom development

from $?

  • Custom Design

  • Custom-Coded Admin Pannel

  • Custom Functionality

  • Multiple Vendors (optional)

  • Responsive or Adaptive Design

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Marketing Ready

  • 6 Months Maintenance Included

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Want to add e-commerce functionality to your existing website?

No matter what you want to do – whether it’s take donations or online payments, integrate a subscription payment model, or add an online store to your existing site – we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about what you need.

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Our Process

How do we design & launch a website tailored to your business goals? What’s it like to work with us?
These are the 4 major steps in project development, from research to launch, that we take on every site we build.

research & planning

We compile the project details and write the documentation. We research design & user experience (UX) patterns based on the project’s industry and requirements. We create the project strategy & timeline.

Design & Revisions

We create design variations for the major pages on the site, including options for style, layout, colour & typography. Clients provide feedback and we refine the site designs accordingly. We iterate this process until we get the design just right.

Coding & Testing

We code the site designs into the final website, integrating 3rd party functionality like plugins, newsletter, Google Maps, and CMS. We perform Quality Assurance testing across major browsers & devices, and we test and optimize website speed.

Launch & Optimization

When the site is approved by the client we bring it online and perform a final test of all features and final optimizations. Then we launch the site. During the early launch cycle, our team will continue to check in on features & performance.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Insurance Supermarket Inc. has an ongoing working relationship with Trackstar Web Design over 8 years. During that time they had completed over 20 web design projects for our company. The team have always carefully considered our requirements and ensured that the design suited our needs and goals. In addition the designers have introduced their innovative ideas to enhance the esthetics and functionality of our websites. Timely and open communication had made working with Trackstar a pleasant experience.

    They are committed to meeting deadlines and able to work within tight timelines. We would highly recommend Trackstar Web Design for their design and exemplary work ethics.”

    Maria Konshin, Marketing Manager, Insurance Supermarket Inc.

  • “When we began working with Gerrit and his team at Trackstar, we were in the initial stages of launching an e-commerce site. We had very little experience in how to go about setting one up correctly and Gerrit took the time to not only educate us on the different strategies and implementations that would be important for us, but also offered design advice to try to maximize our site's impact. His team's knowledge and expertise helped navigate us through what could have been a very intimidating endeavour. They simplified the process so we could focus on developing our product while they took care of the website.

    Once our site launched, we continued to engage Trackstar in ongoing support and in adding new features and are very happy with the level of commitment, understanding and enthusiasm they bring in addressing all of our needs.”

    Stephen Kelloway, Co-Founder, CG Breakdown Studios

  • “Choosing Trackstar for our web design needs proved to be one of the best decisions that we have taken for our startup. Working with them was extremely easy and fruitful. We really appreciate having received ongoing support from day one. They also proved to be really involved in the overall process and we felt that they genuinely cared about our business.

    All their team was very prompt to answer any of our doubts and went above and beyond to make sure our common vision was accurately represented in the final design. We have been complimented by many customers on the design of both the website and the logo. We couldn’t be happier and more grateful and we would definitely recommend Trackstar Web Design to any business who is looking for a team of professionals willing to take that extra step to achieve a great result!”

    Carmelita Ciocoiu, Owner, Escape Rooms Ibiza

  • “I have been working with Trackstar Web Design for almost a decade now and find them very client-oriented and focused on delivering the best user experience. I highly value their commitment and the fact that they don´t just produce what the client asks for, but instead fight for what the client needs and what delivers the highest level of user experience.

    For the past few years all designs on Oxojob have been based on their suggestions and productions!”

    Andrei Postoaca, CEO, Clintelica AB

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