"CG Breakdown came to us with a big project, with a lot of custom modules and functionality. The complexity of the requirements and the dynamics of the application itself made for a good challenge. We knew we needed a highly scalable platform to develop the custom functionality and API protocols, and that’s we went with DotNetNuke."

- Alina, Development Tech Lead, Trackstar Web Design


With their extensive background in 3D design work, the CG Breakdown Studios team had a well-defined vision for the look and feel of their website. Working with their team, we took the important elements from their mockups and transformed them into a modern design and layout scheme with a focus on usability and UX design patterns for web.

We designed a highly usable web experience responsively optimized across all mobile and desktop devices that seamlessly integrates client requirements with modern web technology and usability patterns.

Content Management System

From the beginning we knew CG Breakdown was going to be a complex site with a lot of custom module and functionality requirements, which is why we coded the application on the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform. DNN gave us the flexibility to integrate existing modules into the site easily while simultaneously developing and integrating custom functionality and API as required by the project. On the client side, DNN gives the CG Breakdown team extensive behind-the-scenes control over the site’s user and content management functionality, putting them squarely in control of their products, users and web application.

Custom Development

CG Breakdown’s site had a large number of custom development requirements. We created a custom product system with integrated photo gallery, videos, and versioning; custom item pages and galleries; and a custom profile system for CG Breakdown staff. We developed a custom video area with video previews and playlist functionality; and we extended the CMS to let CG Breakdown staff modify the site’s primary design elements in-house. Additionally, we integrated and customized DNN’s blog functionality as well as user management and user profile pages; and created a custom admin control panel with extensive custom functionality.


CG Breakdown monetizes their software offerings on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, where for a monthly fee subscribers get complete access to the CGB product suite.

The website acts as the hub for all subscription and e-commerce activity by CGB users. All sign ups, payments, account upgrades, and account management is managed securely through the web portal, with payment and recurring payment options through a custom integration of PayPal’s payment system.

API Integration

CG Breakdown Studios’ product suite includes a custom plugin that runs on industry standard 3D software, a desktop software application, and the public facing website. Behind the scenes, CG Breakdown’s entire product suite is controlled through the website through custom developed API protocols.

All login requests to the Plugin and Desktop App are mediated by our integrated License Server via custom API protocols. This encrypted process ensures access is restricted to users with up-to-date credentials, while also ensuring all user data is securely stored remotely on CGB’s servers.

Additionally, all of the Desktop Application’s content is controlled remotely through our web application. All products, rigs, and items are automatically populated from the website via custom API protocols; while text and image content and splash screens are manually controlled by CG Breakdown admin through the website’s backend. This system lets CG Breakdown staff control their entire product suite of plugins and applications through our custom control panel on their website.

"When we began working with Gerrit and his team at Trackstar, we were in the initial stages of launching an e-commerce site. We had very little experience in how to go about setting one up correctly and Gerrit took the time to not only educate us on the different strategies and implementations that would be important for us, but also offered design advice to try to maximize our site's impact. His team's knowledge and expertise helped navigate us through what could have been a very intimidating endeavour. They simplified the process so we could focus on developing our product while they took care of the website.

Once our site launched, we continued to engage Trackstar in ongoing support and in adding new features and are very happy with the level of commitment, understanding and enthusiasm they bring in addressing all of our needs."

Stephen Kelloway, Co-Founder, CG Breakdown Studios

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