"We knew we were working with a demographic of older users, so we dug into research about how elders interact with the web. We ended up using a different UX approach than usual, with larger fonts and extra space between elements. We took special care with the navigation menu – using large clickable regions, horizontal drop-down lists, and photos. We really pushed usability for the demographic."

- Coss, GUI/UX Designer, Trackstar Web Design

User Experience Design

We built the site with a focus on usability for Vital!’s demographic of mostly elderly users. This meant we had to hit the UX patterns necessary for seniors, while at the same time creating an online experience that felt fresh and modern. We’re quite proud of the end result, Vital!’s website is a polished example of intuitive User Experience design for seniors.

We accomplished this in many ways. We simplified Vital!’s content structure into an intuitive system, and designed a straightforward menu optimized for elderly users. To facilitate secondary navigation we added colour-coded categories and a topics cloud. We used typefaces optimized for legibility, and created a simple widget that lets users reduce and enlarge font size within each article.

Content Management System

Vital! needed a streamlined content management solution that allowed quick updates through an intuitive interface. Because they didn’t need anything too complicated, we were able to code all of the required functionality into a custom WordPress theme. Vital! admin and contributors can log in from anywhere and post articles with just a few clicks through the familiar WordPress environment.

Mobile Friendly Design

We knew Vital! needed to offer a seamless experience to visitors on all devices, so we coded it using responsive design. The website knows which device it is being viewed on, and dynamically updates its layout and structure accordingly. This means the site always looks beautiful and functions perfectly, on every phone, tablet and computer.

Social Engagement

We wanted to make it easy for visitors to engage with Vital!’s content online and in social media channels. This user engagement not only drives brand loyalty but also offers significant returns in free content marketing through social media shares. We accomplished this with sitewide social media widgets and social sharing integration.

"Working with Gerrit and his team was a pleasure. I asked them to use a brand new platform to create a new site from scratch for my magazine and they delivered above and beyond expectations. They are responsive and they work quickly. The new site is beautiful and intuitive to navigate (important since most of my readers are Baby Boomers and older!) and I continue to receive compliments on the site! Thanks guys!"

Karyn Cortez, Owner, Vital! Magazine

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