"Oxojob was a complex B2C and B2B project with a lot of features that needed to be packaged into a streamlined UI. We worked closely with the Oxojob team, conducting usability testing and refining the UX iteratively. The end result offers a highly intuitive user experience that facilitates every important user task."

- Coss, UI/UX Designer, Trackstar Web Design

UI/UX Design

We created the UI/UX design and performed the front end development on all aspects of Oxojob’s application and CRM system. Our involvement in the project spanned 3 years, working in an agile development environment, with members of the Trackstar design team lent out to Oxojob.

Working in an iterative development cycle, our team perfected the UI/UX in coordination with Oxojob’s development process. The final product is over 100 screens with 20+ feature sets, on both desktop and mobile.

Landing Site

We designed and developed the Oxojob landing site in-house. This is the portal to the Oxojob platform, and the target site for all marketing and web traffic. The landing site acts as a portal to both the B2C and B2B sides of Oxojob’s business, featuring separate landing pages optimized for each business segment.

Adaptive Design

We implemented mobile functionality on Oxojob’s application with a focus on the highest level of user experience, designing and coding separate sites for mobile and desktop.

Although this adaptive design process is time-intensive, the results are exceptional, guaranteeing the fastest load times possible on all devices as well as platform-specific user experience. Our mobile version of the Oxojob behaves like a native mobile app (that runs in a browser) utilizing each device’s native touch capabilities.

Branding & Print Design

We’ve created diverse branding and print marketing materials for Oxojob, including collateral and rollups for presentations, business cards, and print ads for various European newspapers.

"I have been working with Trackstar Web Design for almost a decade now and find them very client-oriented and focused on delivering the best user experience. I highly value their commitment and the fact that they don´t just produce what the client asks for, but instead fight for what the client needs and what delivers the highest level of user experience. For the past few years all designs on Oxojob have been based on their suggestions and productions!"

Andrei Postoaca, CEO, Clintelica AB

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