"We designed this site with a focus on streamlining User Experience. It didn’t have to be complicated. With two services and not too much content we decided to keep it simple for users. That’s why we went with a one page scroll design."

- Gerrit, Creative Director, Trackstar Web Design

One Page Scroll

Evergreen’s old site had too many pages and navigating between them was confusing for users. So we redesigned the site’s content structure and created a sitemap that was straightforward and intuitive.

Because it was so simple - we didn’t need lots of pages anymore - we were able to put all of the site’s main content areas in a single page users can scroll through – what we call a One Page Scroll design. It’s a simple and elegant design choice that is inspired by the content and offers an intuitive experience for users.

Mobile Friendly

The new Evergreen website is fully optimized for all types of devices. The site dynamically optimizes its layout and content to fit each device’s screen, so it looks perfect and offers a seamless user experience on every smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Wordpress Content Management System

The site’s content can be easily updated from anywhere in minutes through the WordPress backend. All of the main content and the photo gallery are controlled by the admin. Additionally, we included a blog area where Erik and his team can post articles and blog posts. This is a great area for driving user engagement, getting useful information to potential customers, while at the same time driving search engine rankings.

Lead Generation

The site is built from the ground up with lead generation in mind. Applying modern principles of User Experience (UX) design, optimized lead capture forms and strong Calls-to-Action, Evergreen’s site is designed to convert visitors into leads. This focus on conversions is what makes the site an invaluable tool – it turns visitors into customers.

Online Marketing Ready

The site is built with online marketing in mind – the homepage is a standalone company website but it’s also a standalone landing page. With its optimized UX design and layout, lead capture form and Calls-to-Action, Evergreen’s homepage is the ideal place for its marketing traffic to land. Whether it’s PPC advertising through Bing or AdWords or Social Media marketing, the site is ready to be integrated into any future online marketing campaign.

"When I was looking at options on web design, the Trackstar team was referred to me by another happy customer of theirs. From the beginning they provided great support, answering all my questions, and I felt very comfortable working with them. I am very happy with my new website that they designed, it looks great, and me and my business appreciate all the work they did with SEO. I won't hesitate to contact them again."

Erik Lundgren, Owner, Evergreen Hardwood Floors

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