"The biggest challenge with the L.C. was developing not only branding – but also photorealistic renders and floorplans – of a building that wasn’t built yet. We worked with architectural plans and some 2D sketches, and were able to transform them into something really spectacular."

- Gerrit, Creative Director, Trackstar Web Design

3D Rendering

The L.C. needed a photorealistic render of their future building, and we needed a ‘Hero Shot’ for the website. When we discovered that the architects couldn’t provide what we needed, we decided to create it ourselves. Using architectural plans and some basic 2D drafts of the building facades, we put together this stunning, photorealistic rendering of the future L.C. Residences.

3D Floorplans

Another integral component of branding and marketing for this future real estate development was the creation of floorplans for the individual residences. Guided by the architectural plans we created to scale reproductions of the six main unit types at the L.C. Each floorplan is decorated and finished in a different style according to the options available to the residents.

Advanced Maps Integration

The L.C. required a Neighbourhood page that showed not only the Residences’ location geographically, but that highlighted its place within the City of Langley’s parks, restaurants, culture, and shopping districts. We created a custom integration with Google Maps with highlighted points of interest, roll over mouse effects, and with a custom visual marker of the L.C. Residences.


The conversion goal of the L.C. website is to have future renters to register their interest, creating an invaluable lead list for both sales and financing. The site is optimized towards this particular goal – the design, layout, and navigation subtly nudge visitors towards registering to rent. On the backend, we created easy access to the registration list for site administrators, including intuitive functionality where admin can manage and sort the registrations. Additionally, the list of registrations can be exported to Microsoft Excel formats with just one click for more advanced analysis.

"The Trackstar team was great to work with and I am very happy with the website. Thanks guys for a terrific job!!"

Gary Aujla, Developer, The LC in Langley City

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