The New Irvine Sales & Service

"Jamie had this old idea he told me about - he wanted to take the elephant from the Irvine logo, and develop him as a character in Irvine's branding. We loved this idea and we ran with it - that was the beginning of Irvine the Elephant."

- Gerrit, Creative Director, Trackstar Web Design

Responsive Design

Irvine's old site wasn't optimized for mobile, and that was one of the reasons it was slipping in search rankings. For us this was an important one. The updated site is fully responsive, dynamically optimizing its layout and structure for each user device. The site works seamlessly on every smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.

Wordpress Content Management System

We built Irvine’s new site using the WordPress Content Management System as the backend. The site can be easily updated from anywhere in the world in just minutes, and the site includes a Blog section for news and articles. Irvine’s content updates and blog posts drive visitor engagement and push the site’s search engine rankings.

Lead Generation

Getting visitors to the site is just the beginning, what matters is what they do when they get there. Irvine’s site is tuned and optimized for lead generation. Using modern principles of User Experience (UX) design, optimized lead capture forms and strong Calls-to-Action, Irvine Sales converts a large portion of its visitors into new customers.

Internet Marketing Ready

The site is 100% ready for future internet marketing initiatives. Each services page has a dual function as a service-specific landing page, complete with strategic content, lead capture forms and Calls-to-Action. From Social Media marketing to CPC advertising through Bing or AdWords, the site is ready to be integrated into any campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

The client needed our Search Engine Optimization to outcompete its competitors, so that’s what we did. Every aspect of this project was developed with search rankings in mind. From content development and copywriting, to site structure and layout, to responsive design and the inclusion of the Blog, Irvine was optimized every step of the way. We didn't cut any corners on Irvine's SEO, and it shows.

26 First Place Keywords

250% Traffic Increase

45% Keywords in Top 3

64 of 77 Keywords Up

"We wanted a web design company that could provide us with a responsively designed site that would have SEO components and would reflect our personality as a small family business. Gerrit and the Trackstar team delivered! We love our new site and every one of our must-haves was met. It was a pleasure to work with Gerrit. In fact I now view him as a member of my team."

Jamie Irvine, General Manager, Irvine Sales & Service

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