"The challenge with Heng-Tong was creating a website so early in the business development cycle. Before they had an office or staff, when there was just an idea and a patent – that’s when we came in."

- Gerrit, Creative Director, Trackstar Web Design


In our client research we got a good idea of the look and aesthetic that Heng-Tong wanted for their site. Their references were all large tech companies with information-dense websites. We had to emulate that look and feel, but using much less content. Our solution is elegant, successfully branding HT as an influential company in its sector, with a compact website that punches far above its weight.


Heng-Tong Material Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese-Canadian company with international founders. They provided us with in-depth information about their company identity and technology, which we structured and rewrote into the website’s content. Creating all aspects of the sitemap, content structure, and content ourselves was very advantageous – the site really came together into a highly unified and cohesive vision.

Mobile Friendly

Like all websites we build, Heng-Tong offers a 100% mobile friendly experience. The site is coded using a system known as responsive design – where the website design ‘responds’ to the user device. The website changes its content structure, layout and inputs to match every device it is viewed on. This means every smartphone, tablet and computer gets a native user experience, like it was built just for it.

WordPress Content Management System

Heng-Tong wanted the ability to manage and update their site’s content in-house. That’s why we coded the site using the WordPress Content Management System platform. With this implementation, the Heng-Tong team can log onto the site’s backend from anywhere, and simply and easily make updates to the site’s content in just minutes.

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