"Burrito Gordito offered an interesting challenge – they needed a streamlined system for taking orders and getting food out that was fast, convenient, and super easy to use. We decided to customize and integrate an online ordering system that let customers order from their phones so their food is ready when they walk in the door. The end result’s amazing, customers are in and out in 30 seconds, and the efficiency in Gordito’s kitchen is way up."

- Gerrit, Creative Director, Trackstar Web Design

User Experience Design

As a visitor to Burrito Gordito’s website, there are three main things you want to know. 1) What’s on the menu? 2) How do I order it? 3) Where is the restaurant? Using these questions as a guideline and through intelligent User Experience Design, we built Burrito Gordito’s site from the ground up with a focus on streamlined usability.

We decided on a one-page-scroll design, which let us condense all of the site’s content into a single page with easy navigation. This design choice really shines for a restaurant like this – there are no distractions and nowhere for users to get lost. Everything is right in front of them, and they can focus on what matters.

Through intelligent design and layout choices, the site immediately provides visitors with what they need. The site offers intuitive navigation while at the same time highlighting the most important pieces of functionality: 1) The Menu, 2) Online Ordering, 3) Directions.

This not only gives users a pleasant browsing experience with intuitive navigation and content placement, it also accomplishes business specific goals. It increases the use of online ordering, reducing staff workload and increasing sales volume and throughput during the busy lunch rush. Perhaps most importantly, it simplifies the purchasing process for customers; it’s something that they love, and tell us about all the time.

Online Ordering

Burrito Gordito wanted to establish itself as a healthy Mexican option in the downtown lunch rush. Considering their prospective customers – busy professionals working in the city’s financial district – we decided to optimize the take out process with an integrated online ordering system.

Ordering online through Burrito Gordito’s website is fast and intuitive. The restaurant’s entire menu – including all drinks, toppings and sides – is coded into a web app with an easy-to-use interface. With just a few clicks customers can place their personalized order from the comfort of their office (or from anywhere on their phone). They can choose to pick up immediately, or they can place orders in advance and choose the date and time for the food to be ready.

Mobile Friendly Design

Nowadays every website should be built for mobile, but this is especially true for a restaurant, and even more so for a restaurant that accepts online ordering. We knew we wanted to offer a mobile friendly experience throughout the website and online ordering process, and that’s exactly what we did.

Burrito Gordito’s website and online ordering system are built responsively from start to finish. This means that the website knows what device it’s being viewed on, and it automatically optimizes its layout and functionality to match. The website looks and functions perfectly for all users on all devices, from iPhones to Androids to Windows phones, to every tablet and computer out there.

"The site Trackstar built has been amazing for our business. Our customers love being able to order online. And it’s great for the staff. They spend less time taking orders and more time preparing food. We’re so happy with the work Trackstar did for us and highly recommend them."

Nick Ndreka, Owner, Burrito Gordito

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