Video Ad Campaign

For this campaign we created a series of video ads to market Sands & Associates as an industry leader and establish the company as a trustworthy source of information in the field of personal finances. We created two series of ads here. The first sends visitors to the Sands website, acting as an introduction to the brand. The second series markets Sands’ Youtube Channel, increasing brand awareness and establishing expertise and trust. For this series we created ad versions in 15, 30, and 60 second durations. This is the 30 second version.

Documentary Series: Dave’s Story

For this campaign we created a documentary series: the true story of a lawyer who filed bankruptcy with Sands & Associates. We decided to structure the piece as a four-part series. This arose naturally from Dave’s experience – his story had four distinct parts: the beginning, middle, end, and after. Beyond even this natural narrative structure, dividing the piece into four let Sands release the series episodically; which in turn increased engagement across its distribution channels: the Sands website, newsletter and YouTube channel. This piece was very successful for Sands & Associates. It helped demystify the bankruptcy process and shed the stigma associated with it, inspiring others to speak to Sands about their personal financial situations.

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